Asteroid is one of several musical vehicles employed by resourceful Anchorage, Alaska-based pop-rock auteur Paul Jacks, whose diverse musical arsenal also includes his long-running, similarly intoxicating collective Smile Ease, along with a variety of solo and group projects.

Asteroid's appropriately titled 2017 debut album Intimate is packed with distinctive songcraft that's both melodically accessible and deeply personal, with such distinctive tunes as "Chandelier," "Confessions from A Bedside" and "The Fatal Mistake" mixing an appealingly warm melodic sensibility with distinctive, vividly insightful lyrics.

Asteroid is the brainchild of dedicated songwriter-musician Paul Jacks, whose output with his long-running combo Smile Ease maintains a similar, gently intoxicating vibe.  Smile Ease has been releasing albums since 2007, and had been going for a decade when Jacks and company recorded Intimate. That project was initially intended as the third Smile Ease album. But after a personnel shakeup within the band, it was decided to credit Intimate to a new band entity. 

In addition to Jacks, Intimate features a band lineup that includes Smile Ease veterans Eric Price and Ian Worthington, and new members Colton Ciufo (keyboards) and Ben Gauthier (drums). 

Asteroid launched Intimate's release by playing several high-profile local shows, setting the stage for Jacks' 2018 solo effort Defractor, as well as more new music by Smile Ease.

"I really got tired of changing lineups," Jacks admits. "It was fun for many years, but eventually grew old as the time demands of training new members became too much, and the creative process seemed to become staggered with each changing lineup.   At this point, I can't say whether or not I will continue the two-band arrangement.  It is more likely that Smile Ease will continue, and Asteroid's album will settle into a position as a unique part of Smile Ease history."