NEW RELEASE: Paul Jacks' “Shy Boy" coming January 31st, 2020



Paul Jacks Singles Package I releases 01/31/2020 including "Shy Boy/Getting Back to You", "I Fell Right Back Into Your Hands/I Won't Die Again My Love", and "All the Rage/Touch the Light"

Paul Jacks "Drama Club" EP Release 11/15/2019

On the creative heels of the vast critical acclaim he received for his second full length solo album In Other Words, Paul Jacks delivers a B-sides masterpiece of his own with the Drama Club EP - a four track EP of compelling songs from the IOW sessions that were thematic outliers from the tight, carefully constructed emotional narrative of the album. 

Paul Jacks "You're Gonna Learn to Love Someday" Video 08/15/2019

Check out the new music video for You're Gonna Learn to Love Someday from Paul  Jacks' latest album In Other Words.  The video was directed by Bryant Mainord.

Paul Jacks "In Other Words" Release 08/09/2019

"In Other Words has ten songs which narrate a story of love lost, self-destruction, denial, longing, regret, shame, and, at the last moment, hope," the artist observes. "For me, the album has a flow of levels that are cohesive in an artful way. It was partly recorded during the same period as Defractor." 

Paul Jacks "Lightning Lobotomy" Video 1/07/2019 

Check out the new music video for Lightning Lobotomy from Paul Jacks’ album Defractor.  The video was done by animator Eric Power (

Paul Jacks "Defractor" Release 11/30/2018 

Tritone  Records  is  proud  to  announce  the  release  of  Paul  Jacks' solo debut  Defractor  on  11/30/2018,  which is  available  on  most  streaming  platforms  including:  Apple  Music,  itunes,  Amazon,  Spotify, Google  Play,  You  Tube, Deezer, KKbox, Tidal,  iHeartRadio, Claromusica, Anghami, MediaNet, Napster, Pandora, and Saavn. The album is also available  in  a  short  run  vinyl.